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Yamaha T700

A lightweight, fully capable adventure bike. This bike is amazing for beginners and experts alike, and will go as far as you can push it. It will spark a smile on paved twisties and dirt trails alike.

Starting At $140.00 Per Day


Yamaha XT250

The XT250 is a great entry bike for getting started on dirt, and practicing techniques. It's capable, forgiving, and just plain fun.

Starting At $130.00 Per Day


Yamaha TW200

For those learning how to ride or your first time on dirt, this bike is a gem. It will get you up and over just about anything you're willing to attempt.

Starting At $110.00 Per Day


Adventure Bike Skills

Perfect for those transitioning to dirt or looking to master the core techniques that will take your riding confidence to the next level. A beginner to intermediate course.

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