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Ben Dragoo

Grow up with an adventure seeker dad, and it’s pretty inevitable adventure would be the core of your being. We at Grit have gotten to witness not only Ben’s impressive riding ability, but also his fresh take on helping riders master some of the most technical of techniques. He lives and breathes the D.A.R.T (Dragoo Adventure Rider Training) curriculum & mission, and we’re beyond thrilled to have him as one of our repeat Grit Trainers. Becoming a certified coach in 2019, Ben has poured himself into coaching both locally, and all over the US. He’s been invited to guide/coach a variety of tours including Overland Expo, Dirt Daze, the Redneck Ramble, and Rendezvous in the Ozarks.

At the Ranch, you’ll be able to find him training alongside his dad, Bill Dragoo, as well as on his own. Ben has the creativity, drive, skill, and patience to help move his students to the next level. And if you’re lucky enough to join him on a tour, you’ll for sure witness his skill and finesse first hand.

For his classes held here at Grit, check out the dates below, or email with any questions.

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Ben Dragoo At Grit

July 18 - 19
Level 1 + 2
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July 20 - 21
Level 3
September 19 - 20
Level 3

The D.A.R.T. standard two-day class covers beginner to intermediate, and is appropriate for those beginning off-road riders as well as experienced street riders new to dirt. Even those who’ve ridden dirt bikes for years will benefit from the skills they’ll learn for handling heavy adventure motorcycles in difficult off-road terrain. Riders will start with the basics of balance, body position, peg weighting, clutch usage, enduro steering, and braking, and advance to hills, off-camber terrain, hill fail recovery, obstacles and towing.


“Rocks and Sand” level 3 course covers exactly what the name suggests and gives the rider the skills and experience to ride (and get unstuck) in deep sand and negotiate rocky, steep terrain successfully.


The agenda for a two-day class typically includes an 8 a.m. start on the first day of class, ending around 4; and an 8 a.m. start on the second day, ending with graduation around 3. Start and end times may vary according to time of year, daytime temperatures, etc.

Teaching Style

Ben has lived and breathed the D.A.R.T program under his dad throughout his life. And by having the opportunity to witness so many classes and training sessions, Ben is an impressive rider and an even better communicator. Now being certified, he continues to help evolve and push the program and their coaching techniques. He has a unique and extremely personable way of assessing riding techniques and offering tweaks and pointers meant just for you. His students are quickly at ease under his instruction, and inspired by his abilities as a rider. His classes are never a one-size-fits-all, as both Ben and Bill Dragoo are extremely skilled at finding the right balance for each student. 

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