Are you Rally curious? Do you watch Dakar video clips and wonder what it would be like to ride and navigate at the same time on an unmarked course? What the heck is all of that instrumentation and instructions on those bikes anyway? It looks like a foreign language… If you want to learn about rally navigation and have one of the most fun motorcycle experiences, join Grit for our two-day “Dakar Curious” class. You’ll get to spend time with other enthusiasts, learn from those who have organized and raced international rallies, and ultimately navigate your own rally stages. The instructions and stages are created to teach you the basics of navigation while giving you the opportunity to experience the scenery of the Rocky Mountains near Park City Utah.  For the class you will need a street legal motorcycle with off-road capabilities and well as using an Apple device that has cellular capabilities (for the GPS, data plan not required) to install the Rally Blitz Nav Pro app we use for the class.

  • Learn the basics of roadbook navigation
  • Lunch provided each day
  • Dinner & entertainment Saturday night
  • Bike rentals available
  • Camping available on site


This two day class is perfect for those curious about roadbook rally events and would like to learn and practice the basics. The class is a mix of group class sessions, practice rally stages and stage debriefing and learning for the next stage. Because of the challenges with riding and navigating at the same time, riders need to be at least at the intermediate level before signing up for this class. Skills include: riding comfortably while standing, navigating loose rocks, clutch, brake and throttle control and similar skills.


The day starts at Grit MotoRanch at 8AM sharp for introductions and an overview of next two days. Instructors will be available for a walkthrough of bikes and answering any basic set up questions. The morning session will be an overview of roadbook navigation basics and technology, and a few drills to get everyone started. The rest of the day will comprise of a few rally stages in the mountains around the ranch. Each stage will be followed by a debrief at the ranch with an additional class session to discuss added skills and tips.


We’ll pick up where we left off right at 8am back at the Ranch. Plan on a morning skill builder with a quick rally stage to follow. The afternoon will consist of a final roadbook rally stage to test your learning and guide you through the amazing terrain around Park City, Utah. You’ll meet up with your instructors individually before ending your day.

Dates Location/Trainer Price

Things to Know

What’s Included

Riding fees, lunches, and Saturday evening dinner are included within the class price. If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know when submitting your registration form and we’ll make sure you’re set with options.

What’s not Included

Bike Rentals, riding gear, Apple device for nav app, breakfasts, and snacks are not included within this course, but we can help! Just let us know what you need and we’ll help you get there.


Motorcycle equipment

Tires. 50/50 knobby tires are highly recommended, but this decision depends on the type of riding you’d like to do post class. If you can’t decide, give us a ring and we’ll talk you through brand options and types to make sure you have a tire suitable for you. We’ll also have tires on hand at the ranch if we need a last minute swap out.

Hand guards. High quality & strong hand guards to protect levers are recommended. We use and recommend HDB Ultimate Hand guards.

Mirrors. Doubletake Mirrors help prevent damage to the expensive original parts. If you have your factory mirrors still on, bring a backup just in case or remove them before class starts.

Luggage. Hard panniers can be dangerous & heavy, and are strongly discouraged. Soft luggage or tail bags are definitely recommended for carrying luggage during tours. A small backpack or Camelbak is also ideal for carrying snacks & water over tank bags that may get in the way.

Required Riding Gear

Helmets, riding boots, and gloves are required for all classes. And body armor is strongly recommended. The more protected you feel, the more you’ll push out of your comfort zone and learn new skills! If you have any questions on your gear, hit us up anytime.

Deposit & Cancellation Fees

We ride rain or shine, but understand life happens.

Refunds are available only for cancellations done within 48 hours of booking. For cancellations up to 3 weeks prior to your class, a credit for a future class of equal value will be issued and available for 12 months from issue date. However, no refunds or credits will be given for cancellations within 3 weeks prior to the start of the class and/or ride.

If you are unable to complete a class or ride that you started due to physical or mechanical reasons, you may be issued a partial credit to attend a future class or event within 12 months.

If a class or tour is canceled due to weather or an event not within the control of Grit Moto Adventures, participants will be given a credit towards an equivalent class or ride of their choice on a future date.

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