Are you Rally curious? Do you watch Dakar video clips and wonder what it would be like to ride and navigate at the same time on an unmarked course? What the heck is all of that instrumentation and instructions on those bikes anyway? It looks like a foreign language…

If you want to learn about rally navigation and have one of the most fun motorcycle experiences, join Grit for our two-day “Dakar Curious” class. You’ll get to spend time with other enthusiasts, learn from those who have organized and raced international rallies, and ultimately navigate your own rally stages. The instructions and stages are created to teach you the basics of navigation while giving you the opportunity to experience the scenery of the Rocky Mountains near Park City Utah. 

For the class you will need a street legal motorcycle with off-road capabilities and well as using an Apple device that has cellular capabilities (for the GPS, data plan not required) to install the Rally Blitz Nav Pro app we use for the class.

  • Learn the basics of roadbook navigation
  • Lunch provided each day
  • Dinner & entertainment Saturday night
  • Bike rentals available
  • Camping available on site